Cycle trains in Japan

In Japan there are several 'Cycle Trains' which allow bikes to be transported as they are without dismantling.  Some of these operate all the time while others run during limited periods only such as weekends or when special events are planned.  Many are offered by smaller private rail companies in non-urban areas but some major private and JR lines also operate such trains.  Some charge extra for bikes and others allow bikes to be transported free of charge.  You may have to book in advance to use these trains.

The following are examples of cycle trains, but check before you travel as information change over time.

Tohoku Region (東北地方)

Kanto Region (関東地方)

Chubu/Hokuriku Region (中部・北陸地方)

Kansai Region (関西地方)

Chugoku Region (中国地方)

Shikoku Region (四国地方)

Kyushu Region (九州地方)



These trains are useful as they do not require bicycles to be dismantled to be transported on trains, and are operated in areas where special cycling roads exist.  Special Cycle Trains are often organised during specific cycling events in the area.

You may want to try cycle trains as it is also a great opportunity to meet fellow Japanese cyclists.


Having said that, cycle trains are not common so you may want to refer to the general article on Travelling on trains with bicycles in Japan

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