When you think about a trip to Japan, you may inevitably think about skyscrapers in Tokyo, temples in Kyoto, mouth watering sushi,  cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji and so on.  While all of these things make Japan an amazing place to visit, they can often overshadow the incredible natural beauty and authentic lifestyle in the countryside rarely visited by foreigners.


Cycling is the best way to experience parts of Japan you would otherwise never have chance to visit.  From the peaks of the mountains to the beautiful stretch of the coast, there are not many other places in the world with such compact, yet diverse geography offering outstanding cycling routes together with convenience of modern services and safe environment.


This site offers practical information on cycling in Japan for English speaking visitors in various situations.  We try to cater to all levels of fitness and experience, so you can pick and choose bits of information that are relevant for your own journey.


Our aim is to inspire cyclists of all levels to make the cycling trip to Japan, and share the beauty of rarely visited parts of this country.
Through this site, we also want to foster a community to share a passion for cycling and Japan.  Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, tips, questions, contributions, etc.