Cycling diary

【Cycling Diary】Limestone and Grasslands: The Akiyoshidai Circular


We cycled to Akiyoshidai 秋吉台 in Yamaguchi 山口 Prefecture. Starting in Ogori 小郡, we cycle north west on the 28 from the Fushimi river 伏見川. After a kilometre, on the right hand side of the road, there is a useful 7/11 convenience store where it is possible to stock up on provisions for what will be quite a tiring day in the saddle.

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【Cycling Diary】A Mountain and Lake circular in Yamaguchi

From Shunan 周南  a most rewarding cycle ride is north along the 315 to Ato 阿東 district returning via Lake Ohara 大原湖 on the 439. Cycling through remote parts of Yamaguchi 山口 you will encounter mountains, lakes, orchards with endless breathtaking views. However, with almost 2,000 metres of climbing and 140 km of cycling, this ride isn’t a ride for the faint hearted.

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【Cycling Diary】Shimanami Kaido Cycling: Shinonomichi – Innoshima – Imabari

Cycling Diary: April Rail and Cycling Tour Day 2/3 to Shimanami Kaido

This is our cycling diary for Shimanami Kaido, which is probably the most well-known Japanese cycling route. The route connects Honshu to Shikoku with a series of bridges that are architecturally attractive and there are numerous opportunities to delight in the beautiful scenery of the Setonaikai inland sea, their islands and small villages en-route. For further informaton on Shimanami Kaido, please also see the following post: Shimanami Kaido Cycling Route

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【Cycling Diary】Road to Hagi : coast to coast across Yamaguchi

Cycling to Hagi Yamaguchi

Breakfast in preparation for a long day in the saddle.
Departing from Tonomi (Hofu, Yamaguchi) 山口県防府市富海 we took the coastal road west to intersect with the 58 on the outskirts of 防府 Hofu. The views over the inland sea towards Kyushu were stunning and I knew we had chosen a good day for a long ride from coast to coast across 山口 Yamaguchi prefecture.

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Tsunoshima Bridge Nagato Yamaguchi

Tsunoshima 角島 Bridge is relatively new (opened in 2000) and connects between Yamaguchi Prefecture’s 山口県 Shimonoseki city 下関市 and the Tsunoshima Island.  The view of the slender bridge structure over the sea sparkling in emerald green is impressive and it was ranked 3rd in the world in the best seller “Places to go before you die: Picturesque World Views”.

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