【Cycling Diary】Kanazawa - Noto Peninsula Cycling along Japan Sea Coast

The 能登半島 Noto Peninsula is in the Western coast of Japan. When looking at a map of Japan it is the part that juts out from 本州 Honshu in to the 日本海 Sea of Japan. 能登 Noto is generally a haven of smooth, traffic free roads that meander their way through scenic landscapes and historical places.

We left our hotel and cycled to 金沢 Kanazawa station where we quickly placed our bikes in their bags and caught the 8.56 train to 羽咋 Hakui. The journey takes approximately half an hour and is excellently located to provide access to a cycle path along the western coast of 能登 Noto. There is a coin locker at the station, so we left our heavy bags and bike bags before setting off.

Exiting Hakui Station, we turned left and follow the 232 through Hakui.  Crossing the 249,  and passing underneath the  coastal road to the beach.  Here the beach is firm and it is possible to cycle along the sands also known as the 地千里浜なぎさ Chirihama Nagisa Driveway. Chrihama beach is one of the top attractions in the area. It is an 8km stretch of firm sandy beach. The sea is shallow and would make an excellent destination for a leisurely swim in the shallow warms seas of Summer and Autumn.

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From here we turned north and returned along the beach to where we started in Hakui. Leaving the beach here there is a cycling path that runs north runs north, to the east is the main coastal road and to the west are excellent views of the sea. The cycling path is tree-lined and weaves between the beach and the main road for approximately 2km before encountering a river which we had to cross on the main road which then allows you to re join the cycling path on the opposite side of the river. The cycle path merges with the 129 and continue along this quiet road,  in a north westerly direction for a further 4 km until reaching the small fishing village of Takimaki. There is a delightful harbour where it is possible to watch local fishing boats coming and going. It also provides the opportunity to take a break at one of the local cafes. If your looking for food then there is a seafood café which is in a modern looking building on the 129 on the northern side of the harbour but if your looking for a coffee with a view then there is a sea front café a little further along the road at 372 Takimachi, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa-ken 925-0005.

Another  2km in the saddle and we arrived at the quiet beach resort of 柴垣 Shibakaki. We quickly passed through here and continued north, through the small resort of 大島 Oshima to the town of 志賀 Shika. If you need to top up on provisions then Shika is a good place to stop because there is a well stocked supermarket in the centre of the town.

In Shika we turned left on to the 36 and cycled for 1km until we reached a bridge over a river. The river is quite wide and the bank has many small fishing moored to it. After a km the river reaches the sea and this narrow  road turns north clinging to the coastline with wonderful views across the beach to the sea beyond. The area does feel remote  but we kept for a further kilometre until we reached our destination of Itohisashiasa Shrine.

Itohisashiasa Shrine is on headland that juts out in to the sea and can be found beyond a small harbour adjacent to the road. The shrine is old but provides a scenic location, with great sea views, to eat the much needed bento bought in Shika.

We explored the small headline and relaxed here for sometime before making our return journey to Hakui Station and the awaiting 15.32 Limited Express Noto Kagaribi 5 Limited Express train to 和倉温泉 Wakura Onsen. We arrive at Wakura Onsen at 15.57 and quickly made our way to the Wakura Onsen Juan Hotel where we had a relaxing onsen and restful stay.


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    l just did this in May.
    l took route 38 up to Wajima, what a ride that was.

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