Hofu – Suo O-Hashi Bridge in Yamaguchi

This is a pleasant, relatively easy 80km ride along the river Saba and around the Chou peninsula, including crossing the rather spectacular Suo O-Hashi bridge. Passing through several quiet Japanese villages this ride can easily be completed in 4 and half hours allowing for a break en-route.

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Yamaguchi Lakes and Asahi Circular

A ride north from Hofu to Lake’s Miyano, Sasanami, Abu and Kinkei. This is a six to seven hour, 110km cycle through some of the most beautiful and remoter parts of Yamaguchi. It involves over 2000m of climbing, some of which are quite long with some challenging technical descents.

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Shunan Cycling Spectacular Yamaguchi

Shunan is an industrial city located in the southwest region of Yamaguchi prefecture. It is probably most synonymous with the petrochemical and steel industries with Idemitsu, Tosoch and Tokuyama and Nisshin Steel all having major plant located on the coast around the city of Tokuyama. Whilst this might sound somewhat off putting, we invite you to reconsider and allow us to take you on a cycling journey through the mountains and lakes of Shunan that are a distinctive, and much neglected, beauty of this city. During this challenging, 4-5 hour, 100km ride takes in three lakes, 1 beach and over 1500 metres of climbing.

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Hofu Yamaguchi: Mountain, river and coastal circular

This is a two and a half hour in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, relatively gentle 40km ride. It involves a 450m climb over a ridge of Ohira mountain, a ride along the river Saba Gawa cycle way, cycling through the city of Hofu and a brief encounter with the coastline of Yamaguchi. We cycled this in late December, the weather was gloriously sunny however the air temperature was cold especially when descending off the Ohira Mountain ridge.

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【Cycling Diary】Limestone and Grasslands: The Akiyoshidai Circular


We cycled to Akiyoshidai 秋吉台 in Yamaguchi 山口 Prefecture. Starting in Ogori 小郡, we cycle north west on the 28 from the Fushimi river 伏見川. After a kilometre, on the right hand side of the road, there is a useful 7/11 convenience store where it is possible to stock up on provisions for what will be quite a tiring day in the saddle.

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【Cycling Diary】A Mountain and Lake circular in Yamaguchi

From Shunan 周南  a most rewarding cycle ride is north along the 315 to Ato 阿東 district returning via Lake Ohara 大原湖 on the 439. Cycling through remote parts of Yamaguchi 山口 you will encounter mountains, lakes, orchards with endless breathtaking views. However, with almost 2,000 metres of climbing and 140 km of cycling, this ride isn’t a ride for the faint hearted.

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What to do in emergencies : traffic accidents whilst cycling

Traffic Accident

Japanese drivers are relatively well mannered and are normally aware of cyclists, but there is still the chance that you may be involved in a traffic accident. In this article I reflect upon my experience of being involved in an accident whilst cycling in Japan and try to advise on how to deal with the situation.

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When to go for a bike trip in Japan?

When to go to to Japan for a bike trip?

Japan has distinctive seasons which should be taken into consideration when planning a bike trip, particularly for a long tour. Generally speaking, spring 春 (March to early June) and autumn 秋 (October and November) are the best seasons for bike trips as the temperatures are pleasant and there is little rainfall.  Although it is perfectly possible to explore Japan by bike in other seasons, depending on where you travel.  The Japanese archipelago stretches from north to south, which means that each region has a different climate.

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Why cycling in Japan?

Japan may not come to minds of many as tour destination when they plan bicycle trips, but it is an excellent destination to discover hidden attractions by bicycle, not often experienced by those travelling in cars and trains.
Rather than rushing from one place to another, why not take the time to enjoy the journey by bike, and relish the new discoveries you can experience along the way?

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